Wednesday, 25 February 2009

God the negotiator

Give out an image:

Give out a thought: In his book 'Free of Charge' Miroslav Volf outlines two images for how we view God as provider. He suggests that both of these distort not only the way we understand how God gives to us, but also how we approach him as giver. The first image is that of God as a negotiator in that we ask God to give us things based upon what we have brought or done for him. So, we say 'if I do this for you God, then will you give me that?' Volf explains, 'We don't think very far ahead when we embrace the image of God as negotiator... For one thing, God doesn't need anything we have to offer. God can walk away from any proposition. And as any negotiator knows, it is impossible to strike a good deal under these conditions... God's goods are not for sale: you can't buy them with money or good deeds. God doesn't make deals. God gives.'

Give out an action: words or item
Give a word - write, call, text, e-mail or speak to someone today who doesn't regularly hear from you - be generous in your comments.
Give an item - something which "costs" (i.e. causes a small intake of breath!). Donate it/ freecycle it/ ebay it and give the money away.

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