Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Scarcity and unlimited appetite

Give out an image: (thanks Tom)

Give out a thought: ‘The two main axioms of classical economics are: 1) the natural condition of scarcity; and 2) unlimited human appetite. These, Lowery writes, “breed resignation to systems of distribution so unequal as to guarantee homelessness and starvation. Sabbath economics, however, based on “the principles of abundance and self-restraint turn this classical economic approach on its head. If you assume that resources are abundant, sufficient for the survival and prosperity of human life, and that human needs and wants are limited, then no one need starve or suffer the elements through lack of housing or clothing.” The conclusion we must draw, says Lowery, is that “long-term, systemic hunger, homelessness and poverty can be viewed only as a failure of human will.”

Cited in Ched Myers, ‘The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics.’

Give out an action: take a shoe box to work and leave on your desk - leave a note saying that you would like to fill it with specific items over next few weeks and then send it via "samaritans purse"

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