Friday, 13 March 2009

Jubilee -two-

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'The fullest expression of Sabbath logic is the Levitical "Jubilee": a comprehensive remission to take place every "Sabbath's Sabbath" or 49th/50th year (Lev 25). The Jubilee (named after the Jovel, a ram's horn that sounded to herald the remission) aimed to dismantle social-economic inequality by:
  • releasing each community member from debt (Lev 25:35-42);
  • returning encumbered or forfeited land to its original owners (25:13,25-48);
  • freeing slaves (25:47-55).
The rationale for this unilateral restructuring of the community's assets was to remind Israel that the land belongs to God (25:23) and that they are exodus people who must never return to a system of slavery (25:42).' (Ched Myers)

Give out an action:
Spend time reflecting on a time in your life where you have felt freedom. You may wish to write this down, describing your any emotional, physical or spiritual change that the situation created.

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