Friday, 27 March 2009

koinonia - four -

Give out an image:

Give out a thought:
‘This understanding of koinonia [koinonia as “oneness” being together] invites us to see the church as a kind of business association, with each member acting as a partner in the enterprise. This partnership is a voluntary association but carries with it certain responsibilities. All the partners renounce sole right to their possessions. In return, each partner can rely on practical assistance from the other partners. One of the primary goals of the association is to abolish extremes of wealth and poverty among the partners and to work towards increasing equality. The division in churches which practise koinonia will be between the givers and receivers, not between rich and poor, with a constant flow of resources making it likely that givers will sometimes also become receivers and receivers in turn become givers.’ (Stuart Murray)

Give out an action:
Over the next few days, walk a journey that you normally drive or take a bus for. Give away the money you would normally spend on that journey and write down your thoughts, feelings and observations during the whole experience.


  1. I have given driving to the church from my house for lent. One of the things I have noticed is peoples reactions either of surprise or gratitude. A "hello" goes a long way.