Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Who is our neighbour?

Give out a thought:

Consider the Good Samaritan. What does he give?

1. Attention he stops at the roadside (put himself at risk)

2. Restoration/ healing bandaged his wounds (got his hands dirty),

3. Hospitality - took him to the inn (inconvenienced himself – even stayed overnight)

4. New economy, then paid the price (set up a new economy for the person in need). 

There are many neighbourhoods who are like the poor man in need of attention, restoration, hospitality and a new economy. Do we have faith for all that? We need to give them our attention by being there; then we must restore and be hospitable (allowing our lives to be changed by our encounters with this place). Yet, we shouldn’t stop short of the employing creativity and faith to believe that a new economy can happen.

Give out an action:
Share a meal with someone you hardly know or don’t know at all.  It might be someone in your neighbourhood, near where you work or someone who lives on the street.

Give out an image:

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